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CMA’s Kick Off is held in The Steeple Dundee - it’s a beautiful church right in the city centre. It's the perfect setting for our Annual Group-hug for Members (AGM) and friends alike. 

2019 will be our third year at The Steeple - So you could say we’re pretty steady now and I’m expecting a ring at some point VERY soon.

Obviously Dundee is a big deal for us, it’s our home and it seems only right that we invite everyone to our home for the most intimate day of the year for CMA Events.

So... Dundee!! What’s happenin’?!

“Best in Europe 2018 Hotlist” - Lonely Planet

“Top 10 Worldwide Hot Destinations” - Wall Street Journal

Gosh we’re right smug now eh? Got ourselves a fancy museum and suddenly every Dundonian remembers the controversy of Picasso and Salvador Dali from their O Grade art exam. Or standard grade if you’re young like me... Although I didn’t get a grading for art as I was kicked out of my exam, but that’s another story #SaveThePigs

So here we are in the bonny sights of Dundee with the distant echoing chants of ‘Scumdee’ long beneath us.

Chris and I have fully embraced our Dundee life and spend most weekends exploring with and without the children. We LOVE nothing more than to set our pretentious Apple watches and take a 30 minute stroll into town to justify the incredible feast that awaits.

There are so many outstanding, cafes, bars and restaurants in Dundee we are completely spoilt for choice. In this article I’ll talk you through some of our favourites.

But first!

How do we get to Dundee? 

This is is hot topic just now as I’m sliding into everyone’s DMs - so many CMA’ers travelling from all across the country and it’s becoming very apparent the UK could seriously do with sorting their shit out.

It’s not as if we’re exactly HUGE but for some reason, Flights, Rail and Road are all very questionable modes and most definitely not efficient.

An English Rose or a Welsh Leek? 

We’d all love the convenience of flying into Dundee Airport and you can!

If you’re flying from Stansted and want to stay until Sunday or fly back on Friday before the end of the event… It’s really expensive (£190.00) and it’s very limited.

So with that in mind and the fact that Glasgow is a lot more annoying to navigate (can take up to 3 hours to get from Glasgow Airport to Dundee) we’ll stick with Edinburgh…  

Travel looks a little like this: -

Search: Return flight to Edinburgh Airport (all searched through SkyScanner)

Thurs 10th Jan - Flight Out

Sat 12th Jan - Flight Back (assuming you’re staying over to have all the night time fun!?) 

  • Heathrow (British Airways) = £82.00
  • Stansted  (Ryanair) = £29.00
  • Birmingham (Flybe)= £75.00
  • Manchester (Flybe)= £105.00
  • Bristol (Easyjet)= £47.00
  • Cardiff(Flybe)= £50.00

Search: Trainline - Edinburgh Airport to Dundee

Travelling on an Anytime Open Return (valid for a month should you wish to stay longer ;) )

Stance D  (Airlink) - Haymarket Train Station - Dundee Train Station


Edinburgh Folk? 

Very straightforward and the easiest of all places unless you’re already in Perth or Dundee really.

Travelling on an Anytime Open Return

Edinburgh Waverley Train Station - Dundee Train Station = £36.50

Glasgow Folk?

Depending on time of travel it can be a bit restrictive watch which one you pick as you might need to do a change.

The Anytime Open Return is = £47.00

Inverness Folk?

A little bit more restrictive - if you’re going for Any Time Return it’s about double the cost of off peak so if you’re able to stick to an exact time, you’ll be far better off.

Off Peak Return (1 Change) £39.00

Aberdeen Folk?

Fit like? Nae bother to you! Direct and just over an hour? That’s what I’m talking about. Beautiful train ride down the coast. Perfect start.

Anytime Open Return = £39.60

If you’re a bit more savvy with your times you can get train tickets to and from Aberdeen for under £20 return.

If you’re travel arrangements are more complex than this and you need a little help just give me a shout I’m more than happy to have a look at this end for you too.

Likewise if you have better travel arrangements, or can offer lifts, discounts, shared travel!! Then definitely get in touch.  


Where to stay…  

Ooooh the possibilities are endless!!

Let’s start with hotels close by to both the Train Station and the Venue: -

  • Sleeperz (It’s on top of the train station!) - £120.00 Inc Breakfast 
  • Premier Inn (to the right of the Train Station and away from the venue) - £25.50 Breakfast NOT Included - I wouldn’t wish eating in the Premier Inns Beefeater on my worst enemy!! 
  • Malmaison (to the left of the Train Station and towards the venue) - £108.00 Breakfast NOT Included - for £40.00 extra you’ll get a much better breakfast elsewhere. 
  • The Holiday Inn Express (5/10 minute walk from Train Station 7 minute walk to venue) - £96.00 Inc Breakfast 
  • The Apex Hotel (10 minute walk from Train Station, 10 minute walk to venue)  - £116.00 not Including Breakfast £12.00 Extra - again plenty places in town offering amazing breakfast/brunch menus for that price. 
Sleeperz Room
Holiday Inn Express Room
Premier Inn Room

Photo Credit: Pacamara

Photo Credit: Bubu

Photo Credit: Giddy Goose

Photo Credit: Simpsons 


Now these are my personal choices based on my own preferences of AMAZING brunching skills.

My all time favourite is Pacamara! It’s a fair trek right up the top of the Perth Road but after a night on the falling down juice it might just be your saviour. 

The White Goose or The Giddy Goose (for evening) Fairly new to the city, I’m very taken with these bistro’s. The White Goose is perfect location wise for the hotel recommendations, just a couple minutes on foot. 

The Bird and Bear - NOT for the faint hearted. This is 100% the filth you need the morning after - their HARDshakes are amazing and will sort you right out. So will their full cooked. Love The Bird and Bear. 

Simpsons (used to be called Tea & Cake) fantastic for Vegans and Veggies these guys have their own farm and know exactly what they’re doing. I love the family vibe in here. 

The Bach - A classic in my mind. The Kiwi endorsed founding behind The Bach is exactly why their full cooked is to die for. That sausage thing?! What is that!! It’s amazing. 

Blend - Brand new to Reform Street, Blend do amazing coffee and gorgeous small bite breakfasts. I had their Avocado Toast the last time. A perfect pick me up with gorgeously seasoned and dressed hummus. YUMMY! 

Bubu - On the go? Ideal - Bubu will sort you out with a decent healthy munch for the train in a neat wee box. Lots of street food inspired choices to pick from. 

Evening fun? 

Depends on whether your thinking Pub Grub / Burgers / Indian / Chinese / Italian or Mexican? There is a shedload ;) to pick from in Dundee so I’m just going to shout out what comes to mind first!

Photo Credit: Courier - The Bird and Bear

  1. BOOZY COW! I love it. Heavily americanised but so so good. Not for those watching their waste lines and definitely for those who want an amazing meaty munch with cheese and chilli galore. 
  2. Tonic - We’ve used Tonic a few times for socials. Why? They have over 100 burgers to choose from?! That’s insane!! Just as well they know what they’re doing!
  3. Mozza - in need of a stonebaked beautifully crafted pizza FAST?! You cannae beat Mozza. They also have this £5.00 deal on before 5pm which really helps!
  4. The Mexican Grill - Chris and I’s guilty home delivery pleasure. These dudes are amazing. Make sure you get the Poblano Chocolate Chilli Sauce!
  5. Nicolls - great pub grub at a decent price - exactly what you’d expect if you ordered a steak pie and chips.
  6. Rishi’s Indian - fantastic for Vegetarians too. Crackin’ Indian not too far from anywhere. 

Little bit more posh with cocktails, fine wines and fancy menus?

  1. Bird & BearThey are all over it! so much so, they're Kick Off 2019's social venue!!
  2. Tathia V&A  - We went on Sunday, loved it, the goose was delicious!
  3. 172 The Caird - We’ve been before on a deal, Steak was beautiful.
  4. DCA - Always consistent with quality and standard of food. Amazing at the cocktails too. 
  5. Malmaison - We popped in here for cocktails the other night and their menu is amazing.

Well that went on longer than I expected. I really like my food!!

There is so much stuff to do in Dundee - I personally just like walking round the town and taking it all in. Chris and I have a routine which involves books, coffee and food. Simple and effective.

There’s the obvious choices of places to visit (V&A, Discovery, Frigate, Verdant Works, McManus)  but I’d say, just take a daunder. There’s some amazing indy shops and cafes and general sights (good and bad) - Just go and be Dundee ;)

Peace & love,

Natty x 

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